The Purpose of This Site

Once this site was just for me. It was a personal blog, journal or diary of my journey with the Lord. However one day reading it I found that this could also be a real testimony to the world. Evangelism is my heart. Jesus is my life. This is my real account of my Christian walk and revelation that I share with you. In all things take them to scripture. I do not claim to be an expert though I study, research and seek the truth daily. My purpose it to stir your heart towards the Heavenly Father so you can pursue your own Journey with the lord.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Once Again

Here we are once again.

Revisiting my Blog I wanted to announce that this blog will be moving to a new site shortly.  Stay tuned for where you can read more.  As you might have guessed my posts have been very little in the last few months.  Writing and rewriting and editing a book is not an easy task especially when passion is your plus point but punctuation and editing is not.

I want to apologize to everyone out there who have faithfully visited my blog.  We get daily hits in the 1,000 and it was not till recently I saw that BLOGGER has disabled my comments from working at all.  That has been resolved and I am looking forward to your input on my writing as well as any other comments you may have.  I do get a lot of private messages for encouragement and prayer and look forward to those so please feel free to do so.

I do hope these many many years has been an encouragement to you.  I know that this blog as a spiritual diary of sorts has become a source of encouragement and clarity for me at times.  I pray that your day is a blessed one and this evening is a time of great rest. God is speaking to his people and there will be times that we are so overflowing that we have not enough to say and other times where we should be silent, listening and being ministered to.  I want you..yes you to make this day a day to touch someone special in your life with the power of the holy spirit that lives inside you.

In Christ Jesus,
James Bobik

Friday, June 19, 2015

GIving Room for Growth

Serving is a great thing but we cannot be in such a place that our service becomes an obstacle to our mission.  It is very difficult to make sure that we are doing what God has called us to but our search for perfection within the church can suck the life out us and of those around us.  Depleting our resources and making our people unavailable to bring people into a place of transformation. Sometimes is is important to just have church.  If we make it to all of our people who are active in the church are serving who will come and bring the people?

We need to give room for growth because if we do not we will sustain and shortly loose the people we are trying to attract.  We will loose touch with the people around us when our schedule does not allow us to simply pick someone up to bring them along.  The percentage of people of actively move in team and with the vision of the church is very minimal at best.  When we take these servants and busy them up with things the most important thing is ignored.

What are the solutions?  How can we fix these issues.  The best way is to make sure you are aware of who is evangelizing and bringing people in.  Do not overload those people with tasks and things because it is hard enough getting people to come to church early who are serving let alone picking people up to bring them early while they wait a couple of hours in solitude.

This is a great obstacle of the church that is growing but is it is detrimental to growth.  It is important that we understand this is not growth in the church but the kingdom that we are living for others and when we do that even when we do not feel like it many people do not understand church culture. For some getting up early is already a task sitting around while people put things together is not always something a new person to church wants to see and better yet not all people who are coming for the first time are looking to serve.  If we place these things on people too soon we will loose the heart of the people before they can hear the word of God.  The seed will be planted on rocky ground or thorny ground and the life of what once was will not get a root into the ground.  It is important that we realize that our methods are not hurting the one who need us the most.  We may be building a team of people but are we loosing the ones who are the most in desperate need of Jesus?

Hello...Howdy..Godbless and the Rest...

How much we take the little things for granted. I know that I do and I have. So many times we forget how a simple hello, a simple email, phone call or even a letter to a friend, a relative is so important.

We live in a world which for the most part has no concern for others. A disregard for the space and for the privacy of others. A place that has a disregard for the peace of mind and for simple consideration.

 It is in our bones to seek what we want and what we need yet in our need is a need for people. It is a tug of war. One pulling against the other. Our desire to seek out our own desires yet have someone else admire them or hear them or see them. Yet in this tragedy which is indeed comedy we find that Our self centered-ness indeed leaves us out of the Loop for that which we desire  - Friends, companionship and fellowship. This is not a topic that needs scripture after scripture this one is simple. Love others as Christ has loved the church.

So many times we simply need to break away from from Me I and why? and go to You, We and Thy.  In other-words away from the personal of I and to Them and god. Embodying this is not easy. Like mentioned before...We are apt to fall into seeking our own gratitude and our own pleasures we have to break from what we want and focus on the needs of others to be freed from this loss and ultimate tragedy of Self dependency, independence that ultimately leads to isolation and depression.

Gods love gives us freedom because we no longer rely on ourselves. But because we rely on him and in that set aside our desire to be heard and seen and ..well found. How many people out there feel that there is something special about you something that others maybe can't see. I know I have. And the scriptures say that the Lord has blessed all of his chosen with gifts and many times we have this fire to show but the fire winds up trampling over the people who are just like you. Seeking some kind of recognition. When we find that our recognition is in Christ we set down the bull horn and pick up our hands to help others to be seen.

It should be our desire daily to focus on the talents of others. We need to focus on the gifts of others pointing the fingers away from ourselves and building up those around us. This is the example to be shown so others might follow. The light of the way. Jesus never toted around as the great Miracle worker ...He was a humble son of God. He did not even manage his own money. He put it into the delegation of another. He could not even perform Miracles in his own home town in Mark due to the unfaithfulness of those around. In other-words...He was the reflection of living for well as being accountable to them. Jesus was both a Savior and a Servant.

Many times we are happy being someones Savior because it puffs us up or makes us feel special but in being a servant we have to do things we usually would rather not do or at least have trouble finding ourselves doing. Many times I wonder why I have not written a very close family that is near and dear to my heart. I have not written to them in some time. Yet this blog is plastered with ideas...revelations and simple thoughts of God on my heart. Is it because I am far more interested in what it is I desire than in what others might need? I feel perhaps this is indeed the case.

We must open ourselves to be honest with ourselves. Question our every action or ever motive so that we can become better people in Christ so that his values shape us and allow us to actually be flexible and teachable. We must allow those values not put a shield up of "I am here not moving because I am right and that's all there is to it!"

I welcome in this Blog any comment. Correcting, Rebuking or any of the sort. I know I am not the answer and I know there is only one answer and that is Jesus. I write this in expression of expressing that which sometimes Is difficult for me to express in my life mainly because people won't listen to people talk as much as I do? :)  and the other because this is the place I come so that I might learn and not forget what God has told me. It keeps my bearing and even shows my most honest moments of ....Why do you? How come? Sure it is written and perhaps not always done in action this is indeed something we all face. But from the Thoughts and Mind are where our actions are birthed. I pray that in all that I am and will ever be. That simply I will be ever seeking his Glory even when my Glory is never seen.

In the end what does it matter? What does a blessing mean without someone to bless or what does prosperity mean if you cannot prosper in God? What does life mean if that life is simply striving and never living? or what does worship and adoration mean if not to be of something worship or adoration worthy? What vacation is important if peace is not found there? What love is there if love is not known by the one who brings love. What Good can be done without knowing the source of Good? What pain can be felt if we cannot feel the pain of others? What freedom is there if you live in the world that keeps borders and tradition? And what Relationship is there to God if you do not know him, seek him, worship him, speak to him and desire him. Our actions surly speak mightier than our words. (for my sake I must take that one to heart). For every thing said her is from me and I share it with you.

For what is desire if you cannot share it with others?

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Hello Everyone

So it has been sometime since I have posted in this blog. Partly I believe because there was nothing to write about and another because I have ventured into areas in my life that required me to live it. Sometimes we take this life as a Spectator sport. We live it and then report on it and then there are times were we report on the life and we stop living it because each day becomes a blog instead of the day having an life of its own.

This I am afraid is what started to happen. We cannot loose vision even in the desire to create art.  I have piled through this life going from mediocre musician, to mediocre writer and I have found that the place I need to be now is extravagant lover of God.  Does that make sense?  All that we do books, poetry, music and even businesses or ventures to change the world we need to be very careful that they do not overtake us.

Dying to yourself is key.  I feel at every level I almost have no ability to speak or in this case write on this subject because I fear that I may actually be in-genuine.  I lack in this because my biggest fear is that I would become a person who makes statements he cannot cover.  This is what I have been running from since my birth.  I cannot make the world happy but I can make my father happy.  I have no excuse for my imperfection but I do have a responsibility to move forward.  It't not just for me it for what God has called me to do.

I love you DADDY!