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Once this site was just for me. It was a personal blog, journal or diary of my journey with the Lord. However one day reading it I found that this could also be a real testimony to the world. Evangelism is my heart. Jesus is my life. This is my real account of my Christian walk and revelation that I share with you. In all things take them to scripture. I do not claim to be an expert though I study, research and seek the truth daily. My purpose it to stir your heart towards the Heavenly Father so you can pursue your own Journey with the lord through his word and in spirit.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Where is My Comfort

I sit many times thinking about daily issues, things that need to be done. People that need to be spoken to. Dreams that need to accomplished. I am a highly driven and passionate person. Like many I have the daily worries of life. Making bills, providing some sort of income. Making adjustments for others, Balancing social, family and well pretty much life encompassed and I found no better way of comfort in my daily (sometimes drudge) then to sit back. Step back a few paces and allow myself room to breath, and absorb my reason for being here on this planet.

While sipping a cup of coffee the taste flows through my mouth in jolts of intoxicated caffene through my feeble yet youthful body. Look for another entrancing idea, subject or other verbally provactive yet bibically sound argument or observation. In this finding complete solice in knowing that I can not do more that what I am capable of. And of this I surely have found no limit. Seems daily I raise the bar but forget I never set it to begin with.

So like most with the daily, worries, passions and wondering if indeed I am fullfilling my abilies as a human to fill the space of time in which I have been given full reign of for the moment that I have been allowed to breath the air the so intoxicates me with desire, need, want like all others.

There has to be found some kind of balance in it all. A Balance that gives a freedom to overcome instead of drone. Or to investigate instead of procrastinate all my given abilites, actions and potentional progressive options in this thing called life.

I am intentionally speaking in my emphatic long lost words of bobbing and weaving to illustrate a great and momentous point in my life. The time came in realizing my orgin of comfort.

So Where is my comfort?
Hmmm funny I should suggest even a reason to have comfort when in fact most of my discomforts have been caused by unrealistic, improper, untimely, rash decisions. My comfort has not been found in the opposite of wither of those decriptive issues of life and decision making. In otherwords timely decision and unrash decisions do not always mean comfort. The key is far deeper. Simpler but deeper.

So again? Where does my comfort come from.

Lets first take some things that I use or have used to induce some level of comfort and I am sure other at one time considered to be a comfort for others.

A Nap: Many times when napping I am only reminded of 2 very distrubing things.
1. I just slept away time that could have been used for something potentially good.
2. I am going to have twice the amount of things to do when I wake up

Reading A Book:
1. Reading is Good. But in my decision to many times read about alarming and interesting stuff. I find myself at a level of worry that I was not in prior to reading that article. So can I ask is Chocolate good or bad for you? Reason being I believe this whole situation might change my position and stake in stocks for Chocolate in the commodites market.

Taking A Drive:
1. Studies show the more your drive. The higher probability of an accident. 35 % of those accidents possibly being fatal.
2. How can I be absolute for sure my brakes are always going to work?

I can go on but a result from all of this you can see is that regardless of what we do. We as people can find something either negative or highly probable in a realistic way of an event or situation or tragedy occuring in our cognative and crital thinking nature.

In all my time I have never felt the great comfort of God as I do now. In my brain sometimes it is hard to concieve the comfort that God has given me when there should not have been any. Please understand in my writing of this entry I have two very independant ideas I am trying to present.

1. Our humanity as it stands saved or unsaved.
2. The possible comfort that God brings to all of those he loves. saved or unsaved.

In writing to exhibit not just a jest for the Lord Jesus but in examining a far more inimate detail of the property of comfort that comes from the Holy Spirit.

Ultimatly like trying to expain the taste of Big Mac (Big Mac not being my first choice but everyone knows what a Big Mac is - so I will use it for this illustration)
to someone who has never had one is essentially a shallow yet effective explaination of what it is to know God and Trust him in your every day situations.

Some might say it is illogical. But riddle me this? WHat is illogical is an event or choice that is nullified before even being sought out. Imagine making a decision or stance on a movie before even viewing it. These are the same arguments that come from the unbelieving person and the saved. So is it to their result some level of doom inquired because of their unfaitfulness or ignorance. The Only ignorance is when man takes it upon himself to judge others when God is the soul judge of man. CAn we advise, explain, rebuke or correct. Yes we can were there is given biblical need to correct error. But None of these make us higher or better than others. This is a fact so often forgotten. Christians are Sinners. Are Sinful. This misconception leads others to believe that a christian who has sinned had back slidden or worse is not Christian at all.

The Comfort is derived from the ability to know and awknowledge that though inquiring minds of this nation and world. People of great importance. Of fame, mind and reason. The biggest and greatest minds. The most profound of all speakers. The richest of any or all men. Can not know or contain the knowledge that God knows. And Jesus gave me through his death direct connection to my father in heaven to teach me, instruct me and direct me in my life is I so choose it. How powerful and comforting is that?

BUllet Points (always fun - not poetic but fun and illustrative
Comfort from God
1. Comes From Prayer
2. Comes From Reading his Word
3. Comes From Intimate Worship unto him for the soul reason of knowing him more (not comfort)
4. Comes from Understanding and Applying God WIll in our Lives.

Essentially we come to complete understanding of God NEVER. Yes God is Unfathomable. The greatest fact of this observation is a constant search will not weild an indefinate conclusion but a endless possibility of more doors, more keys more mysteries of God be unlocked and known through a close and personal relationship with him.



  1. thanks LFJ for you blog. (funny word that what got me the most was the picture of the 'Punk" guys worshipping Jesus. It caused my spirit to pray. It is so awesome to see people with Jesus JUST AS THEY ARE. if u wanna look cool or be cool for Jesus. Ain't legalism a "B". By the way what is your name. couln't see it. God bless bro, will b praying for u.

  2. My name is James if you read the intro it should be in there. I appreciate the kind words. I am glad the picture caused your spirit to pray it made me do the same. It is why I posted it. I have a desire to reach all people. I was a God Hater. God is seeking out the hearts of his children we just have to be ready and willing to present it as chosen vessels. As tools in his hands for his Glory.