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Once this site was just for me. It was a personal blog, journal or diary of my journey with the Lord. However one day reading it I found that this could also be a real testimony to the world. Evangelism is my heart. Jesus is my life. This is my real account of my Christian walk and revelation that I share with you. In all things take them to scripture. I do not claim to be an expert though I study, research and seek the truth daily. My purpose it to stir your heart towards the Heavenly Father so you can pursue your own Journey with the lord through his word and in spirit.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Hello Everyone

So it has been sometime since I have posted in this blog. Partly I believe because there was nothing to write about and another because I have ventured into areas in my life that required me to live it. Sometimes we take this life as a Spectator sport. We live it and then report on it and then there are times were we report on the life and we stop living it because each day becomes a blog instead of the day having an life of its own.

This I am afraid is what started to happen. We cannot loose vision even in the desire to create art.  I have piled through this life going from mediocre musician, to mediocre writer and I have found that the place I need to be now is extravagant lover of God.  Does that make sense?  All that we do books, poetry, music and even businesses or ventures to change the world we need to be very careful that they do not overtake us.

Dying to yourself is key.  I feel at every level I almost have no ability to speak or in this case write on this subject because I fear that I may actually be in-genuine.  I lack in this because my biggest fear is that I would become a person who makes statements he cannot cover.  This is what I have been running from since my birth.  I cannot make the world happy but I can make my father happy.  I have no excuse for my imperfection but I do have a responsibility to move forward.  It't not just for me it for what God has called me to do.

I love you DADDY! 

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