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Once this site was just for me. It was a personal blog, journal or diary of my journey with the Lord. However one day reading it I found that this could also be a real testimony to the world. Evangelism is my heart. Jesus is my life. This is my real account of my Christian walk and revelation that I share with you. In all things take them to scripture. I do not claim to be an expert though I study, research and seek the truth daily. My purpose it to stir your heart towards the Heavenly Father so you can pursue your own Journey with the lord through his word and in spirit.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Glimers of Light

I recently had a friend a very close person to my father and myself come to realization of her first love. She was excited. You could hear the tears in her eyes as she recieved a phone call reinforcing her spiritual insight of what God had called her for. I sometimes scratch my head when I hear and see things like this. I am reminded of when we drive along a highway during the night. I remember when I went across the U.S. with my grandparents how the light would reflect from the cars around and the streetlights just for a moment and how you could watch the light travel through the car then twist as it hit the edges of the shape of the interior of the car. Trying to read or find something on the floor is almost impossible. The glimmer of light is not peace to anyone. As a matter of fact it can be captivating and even at times as I remember as a young child it almost putting me to sleep. Like the pitter patter of rain the repetitivness of the light billiowing through the car and the sound of traffic and the wage of the force of the car turning around. Stopping and turning again. The Glimmer of light is so quick so light that nothing can be completly seen. Nothing can hold attention. The focus is usually on the light itself other than whatever you are trying to do. I do not know why I am inspired to write about this but I do feel that it is a very good illustration of our lives as people. Many times we are happy with the glimmer of light but all the light allows us to do is focus on the light and we cannot see our environment the things around us. THink of the times you were driving and were fighting with the seatbelt late at night as you twisted to find something you needed behind the drivers seat. There is never enough light and there seems never to be enough slack on the seatbelt. Our lives are like this. Many times we see enough light that we fail to continue looking for the light or fail to see what is going on around us. It is true blindness. It is truly a difficult situation. I am a bible beliving christian that believes only in the scriptures some might say that has limited my scope but I believe that it has broadened it. The Art that I once found so captivatiing I know realize is not art at all and have found that the art many times lies within the kingdom of God. Many artist might argue with me. Many intellectuals might question this line of belief. But I believe that God. His word the Bible are the source of what we call or least what should be called art. Artistic is what God has made. Would not the worship of the artist be more important that the art itself. Many artist so profound have their art work and within the title theirs name exist. Like Picasso's Cafe Terrace or Mozarts 5th Symphony. Why not God. Jesus CHrist our Lord Savior and Creator Earth.
My desire to create a documentary has not died but grown that this world has far too much evidence of Prophecy being fulfilled. That is would destain the Word of God and Up Hold the Shallow words of In God We Trust. A nation that is built on the very foundations of Jesus Christ now has decided to turn on the very foundations that made this nation the nation that it is or was at one time. We are nearing another election and people are more interested in a president that has people thoughts and desires to mind then what is right? Does this sound wrong? George W. Bush might have been a man of many things long ago but can not man stand up brush himself off and make a difference. I have very much respect in a man that regardless of what it might do to his POLITICAL IMAGE stood up for what was right and was very unpopular. Many people are antiwar but want change. Do they not realize that change of some time takes a great stand. Like Rosa Parks decision not to go to the Back of the Bus. A stand that indeed could have if given the right circumstances led to violence and even bloodshed. In a nation as large as ours is it not right to know that there cannot be no change without Radical change which in facts does require the onslaught of war. The truth comes again that we are happy as a nation with a GLimmer of light but when the decision comes to break down the wall and let the light show indefinatly there is a desire to keep that from occuring. Like Children this nation is not realizing or knowing what in fact is needs only knowing what it wants. This nation is happy with it's ideal that God is "The man upstairs" "The all powerful being" "The unknown" "The Higher Power" If there be one Blasphomey is would be this selfish blinding look and vision of who God our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is. I hope I do not come across to stong but sometimes we must stand for what we believe what we say we do and how we show it many times are two differnt things. I had a conversation with a young lady 2 days ago about the sumission of Wife and of Husband. There was a clear anger towards this yet she believed in the Bible. Does this make sense. Can we accept one and not the other. If it is needed do I need to worship at A Budish temple. Read the Bible and read the Moron Bible. Does this seem right? I am not trying t to stir up dissention but sometimes when the truth so strongly goes against the norm there is resistance. Are you or even I happy with our small Glimmer of Light. I am not do I look for those who have flashlights or would I rather if possible have possesion of the same light the sun had. For that would bring a longer, stronger sustaing light. So many people open their minds to Spiritualism and many other things the Bible warns us about thinking that we actually can attain anything from them. The Bible is right. We cannot. Some people content the Bible is not logical. I contend the exact opposite. If there be any need be FAD it should be throught the teachings of Jesus Christ. For then we might truly have the So called "Spiritual Freedom" "At peace with ones self" What is it this nation and the people in it are seeking. A replacement for the irreplaceable. Can an idea replace God. What foolishness we have become.

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