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Once this site was just for me. It was a personal blog, journal or diary of my journey with the Lord. However one day reading it I found that this could also be a real testimony to the world. Evangelism is my heart. Jesus is my life. This is my real account of my Christian walk and revelation that I share with you. In all things take them to scripture. I do not claim to be an expert though I study, research and seek the truth daily. My purpose it to stir your heart towards the Heavenly Father so you can pursue your own Journey with the lord through his word and in spirit.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Is Authority a Priority?

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In Life we question our situations and circustances many times we even loose touch with what or who we are to be. How many times do we change our decisions and compromise our beiefs in order to live in harmony only to live later in tragedy? Why do we do these things? A question I had to ask myself. I needed an answer and it seems to have once again come under the leadership and authroity of Jesus Christ to guide, direct and teach me in my Spiritual Authority class I enrolled in today.

While reading a book by Watchman Nee called Spirital Authority Nee states "To serve God we are not called to choose self-denial or sacrafice, rather we are called to fullfill God's pupose. The basic principle is not to choose the cross but to obey God's will. Should the principle on which we work and serve include rebellion, then Satan will obtain and enjoy glory even through our sacrafices." pg.51 Upon reading this you kinda get hit in the head. As if being hit by a stick made of solid oak. It is far easier to sacrafice (meditation,budhism,Hinduism,Fasting) than to follow the will of God. This primarily being the very thing that seperates Those who love Christ and those who have become acustomed to their own personal God that fits their needs. Who is not God has no Authority or power over your destiny or your soul. (Mat:10:28) Authority can only be given or deligated by One..God Himself. Christ Jesus in essence though our belief or lifestyle may seem to be reflecting a god figure type. It is not the sacrafice nor the Good deed or Good Work but simply the difference of if it is a "God thing or a Good Thing" Not all Good Things are God Things. Acting Good can be easy sometimes if indeed we are Moral people. However the true test is of when God comes in a way we do not exspect will we act or question that Authority? What if he comes in a way where there is no Moral implications; but in a way that is completly against our preference. Will we obey or reject God?

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Marriage & Relationships
I do indeed love this topic. Perhaps because of the love I have for the Marriage relationship that embodies the truth and the gospel of Christ. The very perfect representation of Gods relationship to his people and to his church (whom are his people chosen and set apart (saints) given by God (Authority) to mankind. Indeed a beautiful thing. I fret that I made many mistakes in this area. However the great thing about this is that you can look back and see where you went wrong and kick yourself for not reading the manual first (Word of God) before trying to take part in such a intracate and beautiful thing as the Marriage convenant.

Indeed many people have themselves massacared this Holy relationship. They live lives with another hoping to find purpose living in the relationship soley ordained by God. The reasoning for the Church and a minister in the involved ceramony. I mean not to be harsh but the Lord says that the act is Adultry. Harsh yet truth. I would desire for this not to be true as well and many times of my life but now I see why. We must not go against the Lords plan. Not becasue of any other reason that he is Lord and knows what will be better for us. Like a father to his child our Supreme father in heaven is the only one whom can give us authority over our lives or our relationships. Essentially without him we become a slave to another master. That master is not kind nor is he understanding, nor is he loving. He is a deciever that means to destory, set-apart and ultimatly eliminate the sacred God given relationship of Man and woman, Husband and Wife. This conversly hard to see with what is now regarding as normal living together without being married. There is no dating in the scriptures.

Relationships have taken a turn into a bad place many people would rather have intimated relationships than to establish a relationship of friendship first. Many people feel the need to administrate their own authroity in their love relationship we take the handles and feel that we are destined for paradise. However the only one who can lead us to paradise is our Father. If we take he reigns essentially it is a crap shoot. Statistics and what is happening to the marriage covenant.

It does indeed Boggle the mind to look at the statistics behind divorce in America today. Indeed many people have lost touch with Christ (The Authroity that Made Marriage and Love Sacred, Loving and Unconditional). Christians as well have replaced (as Titled) the priority of Authrity of Christ on the second ring called it a doctrinal truth and left in the the to do list when in fact obedience the requirement that frees us and ultimately leads us to a Healthy family, CHurch etc. Examples go as far as Christians leaving a church to go to another out a preferance without seeking god or blessing of the authority of the pastor (The Shepard who leads under Gods Authroity delgated to him.)

It it all Roses?
Naw. But essentially through the set way that God has asked us to live our lives with Him first and everything else after we find ourselves freer and in joy. Not essentially happinees which is temporal and relies on situation. But a Joy knowing that God is in control and everything is in his power, his will and his control. Oh Did I say that. I felt it deserved repeated mention. :)

It does create anguish to know that I myself have at one time and even now and then become this wedge against leadership of doing as I want. I still do. I pray the lord will break that. Forgeting that God's plan and ordained authority will be the only thing that will be left to prevail in my life. I will admit I try going the other way. I try fighting against it not becasue I am against it but becasue of the authority of God in my life is Becoming very clearly to be the only authority left in my life. We must fight our heart which is decieving above all things. So many times we look to our resources people around us and friends and forget who is actually running the Show. Who places a man in a position of leadership? God himself is the only authority who can give authroity. Both in my life and in every human being on earth.

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It is frightening to realize that Watchman is pointing out that in all of our endeavors if they are not in the will of christ. The enemy the devi the big bad meany. The destroyer, the accuser, the liar will prevail and be given glory. WOW! Even in good deeds. Even in the best we can be and the best that we feel we can give if it is not the desire of the Lords it is against our Saviour's Authority and we begin fighting for the wrong team. Realizing how very important the Authority of God is in my Life I am realizing I have no choice but to follow. How many times can we say we do that? Do we attend services regulary, Do we read our Word? Do we speak the good news to those in the world? Do we live in the will and in the LAW of the Father? We are here for a purpose. People continually have looked for that purpose. Is there not a purpose? Is it not there? Is it FAntasy? Or is it that the pupose that we desire perhaps is not that of the Lords and we cannot realize the End for we have not accepted the Beginning? (I am the Beginning and the end) When Making important decision in your home or employment, marriage or relationships. I believe there is no thing too small to ask God for direction on. What could be infinte for God represents the most Finite to the most Astronomical. yes Finite that which you would think would not change your life the Lord knows the path of very little as to the great turn in the road and the small creeks the vere into the deepest and darkest of Jungles. Only the Lord knows the way not to enter as well as the way out.

The Authroity brings up the importance of Relationship over Denomination. Understanding over Administration. Focus over Revelation. There is a balance that the Father has set that we should follow that we would not be tossed to and frow and that our faith would be the result of someone who stood steadfast in the Lord. No moving not budging becasue we know that we are in our fathers will.

The Revelation of the Authority of Christ decides wither we attend church in the morning or we sleep in. Wither or not we pay our tithes or spend it on the movies. It decideds wither we obey or disobey. It makes the differnce of Christian complacany or History makers walking in his name. Wither we read our Bibles. Open our homes to others. OPen our hearts. Remain and continue to live transparent lives. It makes the difference of relationship or pharasitical religion at which jesus himself despised. If we walk in light but not his it will not make a differce in the end. The harsh truth is that our Lord is jealous, loving and exact. He is not vague as this world is. He is not tossed to and frow by the wind. He is the wind.

This world has desires for drama for revolt, for revolution for instruction, direction revelation and truth. However the farthest many of them will go will be a phrase or a good deed. However when it comes to following the will of God. What is it they ulitimatly choose?

When we hear the Lord do we move or do we Run? I have run.; (away) that is. I have made this mistake. I have forgotten the authrity of God in my life even as a christian. I repent now for not relaizing that though somethings may be harsh. Difficult to handle. Difficult to swallow. It is important to know that truth is not administered by anyone but the one who is truth and is Jesus christ himself. There is no Alternative to truth but a lie.


Im too busy. I don't have the time. I can't make It. I really wish I could.
I have other plans. The day you fell to your knees on the day you needed him and did not know him. Did he not come and rescue you? That which this world is seeking is something that otherwise would be unessasary if they would only believe and understand that JESUS CHRIST indeed is lord and lord of their lives. Read and do what he requires and see that not that you are not given your hearts desire.

For What purpose are you here? Where did you come from? At point have you actually made a choice that you were sure was not under the almight hand of the Lord. We think we have so much control. It shocks me to understand that even Atheist cry ou OHH LORD! when they are in trouble. What is it that you Cry out!...I have cried out many times when in need. But now I simply Cry out everyday.

In Realizing Gods Authority we understand that it is not the preference or the feeling that takes precidence or emotions or desires but God's alone. This makes it very difficult for servants of the lord to explain to people in a rational why they do the things they do.

When we do something out of a sense of duty, it is easy to explain the reasons for our actions to others. But when we do something out of obedience to the Lord, there can be no other explanation-just obedience. That is why a saint can be so easily ridiculed and misunderstood. Oswald Chambers - Utmost for his Highest FEB 28

When all fades what is left. What task have you done that will last forever? What love have you brought that was genuine. What heart do you have? Do you know more than the CREATOR? Are we to say ...ANYTHING....?

He is indeed Lord? But What do we do to show that? What do we do?
My Friends this is as as REAL as it gets.

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