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Once this site was just for me. It was a personal blog, journal or diary of my journey with the Lord. However one day reading it I found that this could also be a real testimony to the world. Evangelism is my heart. Jesus is my life. This is my real account of my Christian walk and revelation that I share with you. In all things take them to scripture. I do not claim to be an expert though I study, research and seek the truth daily. My purpose it to stir your heart towards the Heavenly Father so you can pursue your own Journey with the lord through his word and in spirit.

Friday, January 14, 2005

The Man Without a Face

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I have been watching "A Man Without A Face". I remember watching it a long time ago but now have a different idea about the film. It holds far more meaning for me now in 2005. It is difficult to watch a man sacrifice all that he has for the success of another. That he would loose his peace and his life so that someone else might become successful. I almost cried and without loosing it all I really needed to understand what this movie was about and why it moved me so. The idea that the man has no face or a scared face holds a strong meaning. The man who has no face need not have one for the side of him that is in question is the side no one understands. A side that most of us all have. The scar of the past represent mistakes that were made. The movie is about grace and love and in many ways a Christ-like love. There is a scene where Mel Gibson stands up and says "If you can only see the scars then you cannot see me." I know why this movie has hit me as hard as it has. Fairness and digression is not an option when you deal with the judgment of the world. Far be it from the church that holds itself as a body of protection. Mel Gibson who played, McLoud "The Man without the Face" played the part of any man who stands up for others regardless of the consequence. Loosing his home his place of rest he gave it up for the Tender Mercies of Injustice. Sometimes we need someone who will believe in us without the infraction of "TUFF LOVE". Trying to make a point of love without showing unconditional love is not showing love at all. Sometimes we try so hard to make a point or prove a situation that we forget the reason we loved to begin with. Many times we loose touch with ourselves on a Journey or Mission that has no goal and no destination. More than likely it has hurt people in the wakes.

This movie touched me because the same love that is seen is this movie seems not to exist anymore. It has become a product of fantasy. I believe the reason for this is because there is no reward. Many times we must sacrifice all we have for another our time, our homes, our lives. Yet there is no reward.

We all have scars and many people refuse not to look at them. For that reason they cannot see who we have become and therefore we return back to our place of desolation. A place where there is no need for trust. No need for understanding. A place where we hide until someone who believes in us finds us and uses us for the purpose we were born for.

Too Many times in the church and I think even in families alone we wait for people to prove themselves. We wait for them to show they have changed or they have stepped forward in some way. Many times those people do not have the help of others or a conditional help that wants results but has no desire to really help. If one might actually trust and sacrifice that might find that person once given the opportunity can actually perform adequately. However many times we are as a mouse in a cage waiting to see how we will be poked or tested. Then finally realizing the only freedom from this treatment is escape from the cage. The Cage sadly enough is the world and it surrounds us. I would like to say that the church forgets and forgives and though it may; many times it does not. It still holds your scars in their pockets. It still sees through eyes of judgment.

I see God bringing people together and bringing everyone to the level of understanding what "the least of them" meant. Do we sacrifice for nothing? - Yes
Otherwise it would not be sacrifice. I ask the same question of why Jesus would die for us? To me we are nothing. Do we learn? No Are we pure of sin... So why the sacrifice? Because has Grace and Mercy abides in us. Do we treat others the same way or do we have an ulterior motive. I believe the Lord is taking the Church to this place. Taking them from their place and putting them within the storm.

If you believe in me. Will you do what I say even when it does not benefit you?
Will you do it for the least of them? - Will you sacrifice all that you are and accept man kind as I have? As equal - To all - But God no matter what race. What disability, abnormality , attitude or personality? - Many times we look to find these people around us and cannot find them. Many times we are the least of them. Will we forever be unchanged? Will be always be flawed? Perhaps..But God sees us as his final creation as should we see the purpose that God sees in them.
Sometimes we have to let go; sacrifice it all to let someone else have their dream.

Mat 25:40 "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." ... 45 "I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me."

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