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Once this site was just for me. It was a personal blog, journal or diary of my journey with the Lord. However one day reading it I found that this could also be a real testimony to the world. Evangelism is my heart. Jesus is my life. This is my real account of my Christian walk and revelation that I share with you. In all things take them to scripture. I do not claim to be an expert though I study, research and seek the truth daily. My purpose it to stir your heart towards the Heavenly Father so you can pursue your own Journey with the lord through his word and in spirit.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The "Feel Good" Jesus UnThroned

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I know this entry is going to shake me and whoever
is reading but the importance of this message needs
to be better presented. The ideal of accepting a
God that does not exist and believe you follow him
is just a dangerous and not having Jesus at all.
Jesus was Man and Fully God. The Bible Says that
Mankind would accept the man jesus but reject his

I find it interesting that people embrace
the feel goodness of God but reject his authority
in their lives. In effect accepting the gift of the
messenger them killing him where he stands.

Jesus becomes a charm or a license plate. We might
even wear a cross around our knecks but do we wear
it around our hearts. Not a moment will pass when
you will recieve a well intentioned email
describing the inner quailites of God. the Beauty
that he created and the Kindness that he gives.

Jesus is a God of Truth. Since he is a God of
Truth sometimes that truth is hard to hold onto.
Instead we create something that God is not and
thereby loose his identity and no longer can find
who God is. Instead we are swept by pictures of a
man with a red or reddish brown hair with a beard
and walking in White garments. We hold that Jesus
was a character of creation when in fact he is
creation. We are impressed by the antidotes of
Oprah, Dr. Phil or Dr. Laura but deny the source of
wisdom that God the very creator of those beings
is. It makes no logical sense. Help me here but
How can someone say they are moral or they have a
better way? The ideas of thes people are adapted
from the bible but the deity of power of those
words and values are deadened by the denial of his
Holy power? Like a pen without ink there is no
long lasting mark or impression thereby no understanding.

The Power is God not the idea of the value. God Brings good things but
through him those Good things are given Life. God is Good.God is Love.

With the Statment that God is Love we immediately
think that God accepts our sins rolls them under a
rug and says. It okay..He's with me. God is Loving,
Understanding and Mercyiful but he does not condone sin
nor does he accept it as ALRIGHT. His grace and mercy is
there becasue we simply do not deserve it. He goes up in our defense as our interceder against to enemy the accuser.
He is not the Geni of Sin. He is the
Hope for Redemption for Fallen Man.

It shows why some people can walk with a cross
around their neck cut someone off on the freeway
flip the bird and peel out at the stop light. It
shows how we might be able to go to church on a
sunday and forget that he is the God of our lives
all week long. It also explains why people might
not be able to hear God. Do they want to hear from
the God that exists or the one they created?

During Christmas we sing songs and are full of Joy
when we hear the Songs of Hope and of Purpose. We
hear the songs of Jesus and his Birth. We hear
songs or melodies that are fun and positive things.
We feel good. We feel hopeful.. Then we gather
the CD's..records or whatever we might have and
stack them away for next year.

Sunday becomes a task and not a desire. God
becomes the second to our day and the last in our
night. As we hit the pillow we murmur a prayer
asking for a God to bless or help when we in fact
have not established a relationship with him.

God is amazing he will talk to you. You just have
to listen and be willing to hear against what you
will and only want his. We need to break ourselves
to hear what his words are not how we might like to
say them.

People are overthrown by the Good or the Good of
things. We are excited to hear of a God that
protects..or blesses...We might even be glad to
hear of a God that might show us how to Love. I
know I am very happy to have had the ability to
learn that from God. But are we a happy to hear of
the God that demands or directs. Or gives
athoritve commands or uncompromising direction.

I am not denoting the grace or the mercy of Jesus I
am simply looking at the Whole of God that is far
more beautiful than the one made up and marketing
to people. The Jesus that people tattoo on their
arms or sing about in a Song. Or perhaps reject.
When looking at the Profile of God we tend to throw
away the qualities we do not like enhance the ones
we do. In a sense denying the peronality of God
and thus surrendering our responsibility to serve
or worship him.

Church becomes a choice and not a DESIRED time of devoted worship outside our daily schedules of work and life. Instead he and his time become a dull sound of religious ideals and lost reality of who he really is.

Many people are shocked at a God that could wipe out nations and children and familys and old people alike for sin or for disobedience they deny he might even exist. Overshadowed by a far cuter more peaceful Baby Jesus we forget that same BABY is the LORD and SAVIOR of this WORLD. The Creator. The Earth is his footstool.

The Key is Saviour. Jesus came so that we might be saved. That we might understand and have a relationship with his father with the requirement of knowing and him first.

People talk to God. To what God are they praying if they do not know Jesus?

is there a checklist? There is no Checklist just a leading voice to follow. Can you hear it above the music or the ideals of Good projected on T.V. or the Radio.

Much of this world lives by the Majority standards of Media...(T.V.,Radio and Media) Need you be a professor of socialogy to see that the standards are not working.

The very thing that most people deny and reject.
Is the very key to what they need? It is a new car. A New home. A New Car..A healed family member?

No..It is the Salvation of Jesus and the Reationship with his Church that he intended.

Far too many times we are so interested in doing Good we ignore the one who brought it.


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