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Once this site was just for me. It was a personal blog, journal or diary of my journey with the Lord. However one day reading it I found that this could also be a real testimony to the world. Evangelism is my heart. Jesus is my life. This is my real account of my Christian walk and revelation that I share with you. In all things take them to scripture. I do not claim to be an expert though I study, research and seek the truth daily. My purpose it to stir your heart towards the Heavenly Father so you can pursue your own Journey with the lord through his word and in spirit.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Spirit Quenched

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Many times I find that the Lord has bestowed great wisdom, great teaching and great love to his children. He gives them a heart to understand and a heart to pray for those who are afflicted with disease, burden, a feeling of darkness and those who are lost and seeking a way into the light.

However we equate that God can only bestow these great things on someone who is pure. Perfect and upright. That we must follow a certain set of rules, rites and meet a certain point where we Graduate to be able to do this. However Bibically there are many examples where the Lord showers his great gifts on the meek and the Least of them.

The gift of healing, of phrophecy is set for those who Love and seek the Lord. The Lord gives to those much of whom he gives much too little to whom he gives little. He has compassion on those of noble life and those of enoble. He gives to one as he does the other, either rich or poor. In the Body of Christ we are unfortantly burdened with Age, lifestyle, etc. And though SERIOUS issues of the heart can have adverse effects on the hearts of his chosen and therefore his gifts it does not discount them from the Gifts that the Lord gives to others for a time or forever.
In otherwords the Lord uses those whom have the ability to be vessels. Sometimes the best vessels are those who feel unworthy and are looked on by others as being unworthy so that the Lord might be GLorified and not man.

Recently upon making a decision I am finding that God has released me from a bondage of something I thought was needed. Many times we walk in ties thinking that we should be this way. That God has put me here. Therefore I must rough the rapids and though Gods voice is clear and so my actions you think would be immediate my response was lithargic. I was slow, unfeeling and almost ignored what God was telling me till he quickened me and I began to weep. Weep because my own pride has gotten in the way of Gods purpose.

Whenever we do not listen to the Lord. We are welled up in pride and we are thinking higher of ourselves than the Lord. Because of this we begin to fall. We think everything is okay until ultimately we find ourselves speaking against leadership, leaving a church or WORSE leaving the very comfort of the Lord for our OLD worn worthless wasted lives.

This is a GREAT quenching of the SPirit of the Lord. Like the moment of Worship where the Lord calls for a word or spiritual song, or prayer and we mow over it with our desires. Either to be a star or to simly lay it aside for another time. Our Lord is the God of now and his word is for the NOW. When we mow over what God has spoken into or what God is asking of us in our churches, in our lives and in worship we FALL HARD because we allow our own hearts to make decisions and where pride is the Lord is far away. He does not get in the way of our pride or our preconceptions of prayer, of life or of church. He will not step in unless we allow him to or until we simply give up and SAY lord. TAKE OVER. I can not do this anymore.

The Greatest queching of the SPIRIT is when the Lord moves and we stay. When he speaks and we keep silent. When he speaks to us about our lives and we remain stagnant. I am the WORST in this. I will completly admit the Lord has time and time again spoken to me about SERIOUS changes and serious things that he has wanted for me to deal with. However more so is that fact that GOD must be allowed to flourish in the less than worthy so that his name would be glorified and those who are the least of them would have thier faith built and they would have a revelation of the GREAT GIFT of MERCY and GRACE and POWER the Lord has given to his people.

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The Glory of the LORD is his spirit. When we reject it. We reject Glory. We can build and change. We can create new ways to grow. New ways of doing things but if we still remain rejecting and quenching his spirit. God cannot move and the branch will be thrown into the fire.

I speak as that branch and pray Lord that even in my life and my church the people I love dearly that GOD has put in my heart. That none would perish and that your spirit would no longer have the Door CLosed on it because of my inequites, because of who I am or who people might think that I am. GOd has given my church, my heart and the Body of Christ the power to worship him. It is not a moment but a lifestyle. You cannot turn it on like a faucet at CHURCH and espect it to be genuine or have any power. FOr the Lord fills us so that we might give the GIFT of service to our church. THough we come to RECIEVE we more come to GIVE as in the service of the Lord the great treasures of our personal time with the Lord Almighty.

Sometimes I feel that though I might not be the best of them. Which I assure you I AM NOT. I know one thing for sure. GOd has chosen me. I say that not in I have been chosen but that I cannot change this that the LORD has done no more than someone with a veil of what God is doing or saying has control over what they do when they quench the spirit of the LORD a GREAT QUENCHING of the spirit is happening to CHURCHES and the Body of Christ. A GREAT sifting is happening. Because those who reject his spirit reject him. We are all called to WORSHIP in spirit and in truth. Not just on Sundays but through our lives so that we might be light for those in darkness. For without the light of the spirit of the Lord we would be even darker than the darkest of those who live in the world.

The most painful and sad thing in this WORLD is a christian who believes and even proclaims with his mouth but rejects the SPIRIT of the LORD Jesus Christ.

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