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Once this site was just for me. It was a personal blog, journal or diary of my journey with the Lord. However one day reading it I found that this could also be a real testimony to the world. Evangelism is my heart. Jesus is my life. This is my real account of my Christian walk and revelation that I share with you. In all things take them to scripture. I do not claim to be an expert though I study, research and seek the truth daily. My purpose it to stir your heart towards the Heavenly Father so you can pursue your own Journey with the lord through his word and in spirit.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Breaking you from your Circumstances

I recently was listening to a CD where a man by the name of Jesse spoke to me.
He was telling me that God was going to break me from my circumstances. I never take a word given to me in contemp but there was a time even right then and there as he was speaking with me. Anyone might have said yeah right! But as I am writing this to you in pain. I just got back from the emergency. I got in a 4 Car pileup on the freeway. My car is no longer drivable. I have to ask. Why? But then again I know that God has his eyes on me. He is protected me and I praise God for protecting me and my daughter when things could have been far worse. God is amazing anyone who does not think so needs to spend more time with him. He bread his breath, his love is so amazing. I praise him again for sparing me any real damage. I felt his hand of protection and now I feel his precense of provision. I pray that the things that God has decided to do in my life will come without much more pain. This neck is killing me and my Back is worse. I cannot stay here much longer I will need to go to sleep. I just thought it might be very important to insert this 4 Car pile up in this BLog as well as State the Great things that God has and is doing my life. WOW..! you are awsome!

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