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Once this site was just for me. It was a personal blog, journal or diary of my journey with the Lord. However one day reading it I found that this could also be a real testimony to the world. Evangelism is my heart. Jesus is my life. This is my real account of my Christian walk and revelation that I share with you. In all things take them to scripture. I do not claim to be an expert though I study, research and seek the truth daily. My purpose it to stir your heart towards the Heavenly Father so you can pursue your own Journey with the lord through his word and in spirit.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Place I Like to Call Home

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Funny how our world that revolves around us is so important. We look at disasters on television and as long as they are not next door to us or in the same city we live in we are very easily
uninterrupted by any event. Unless of course it is so catastrophic that is gains National attention and guilt sets in.

Like Katrina. ...That was to get your attention with a bit of harsh truth. -

We live our lives, move from place to place and even (change) friends now and then to accustom our new life. We don't very often think about other situations or circumstances and we seldom "feel" we have a chance to show our expressions of human "love" until the next disaster comes around. Even though we have situations around us in our city and even in our own families.

With every type of occultic activity that blazes across our Television, our Marketplace and even in our children's playthings little to no alarm in brought to us. This ,though suttle waits in our backyard ready to be discovered. The ultimate effect is the behavior and attitude of our children some 20 to 30 years later. Then it will be too late to right what was wronged.

I like to call this "a place I call home". Many people have it. It is a place in their thought and in their mind where they feel "everything is alright". We in this state find ourselves in a place of complacency. Unmoved, unmotivated and dispassionate to express. I mention this because I have and am a victim of this occasionally. I find it my duty almost daily to jump from this mindset and set into an active state. [So I speak from both experience as well as perspective.] For the average Christian or even unbelieving reader this situation seems small and minute but indeed it is the mindset that makes us as Christian ineffective and thwarts the minds of unbelievers to looks to another "religion". The average unbeliever who is now reading this will completely agree. How many times have you heard "Buddhist are great people...that must mean their religion is good and true... they are so "honest" and "trustworthy" unlike some Christians who do not practice what they preach."

If this was a Marketing game the one with the most appeasing religion "presentation" makes it to heaven. This would indeed be a great way to "pick" your religion. I do not believe Christianity would be on the top 10. Any religion professing to give me salvation through the dying to myself and sin, living for others and Christ Jesus a man who was God proclaiming to eat of his flesh and "drink" of his "blood". The implication of possibly carrying the cross for others sometimes if need be and being crucified on a cross with him. Indeed this religion would not if by initial appeal (worldly perspective) be on my top 10.

However it is clear that..well that is just too "fair" and we do indeed live in an unfair world one or what some might call a "Just" one. For that reason only those who's faith is in Christ Jesus will enter into heaven. Jesus Christ is the Judge. A Just judge. I did not say it. The Bible does if you don't believe me here it is. So no hate mail. I like to read mostly love mail. and um....Constructive criticisms mail.

Excuse my candidness in presenting the wonderful "gift" of salvation but we have indeed sometimes made it so complex and obscure that even Christians grab hold of salvation and let go of their faith on occasion. Tozer speaks of this in his book "The Pursuit of God". "...Now as always God discovers himself to "babes" and hides himself in thick darkness from the wise and prudent. We must simplify our approach to him. We must strip down to essentials (and they will be found to be blessedly few). We must put all away all effort to impress and come with the guileless candor of children. In agreement The Lord says in his word. Luke 18:16

I don't think I need to explain the Place I like to call home situation anymore. But it is like an uncleaned room. That is very unclean but you are so used to it that you almost cannot
operate without it being in its current state [messy]. That by the way is from experience for any of you Fruedens. We call it what we want to call it. Creative, different or that is "just me". It is clear that once we have died we are to become renewed. Renewed like a child or for a more artistic flowery perspective. Like a new born Gazelle. Ready to leap, ready to run (sometimes from predators). We should leap like a Gazelle. Not always physically. But most definitely spiritually. We think by complicating it that we can avoid indeed what we are to do and this place we call home becomes a prison that stops us from doing what God has asked us to do.

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Sometimes we need to become uncomfortable. In order to make change. Many times our cushy jobs and sleek cars and happy home life is but a distraction of what we need to be. Messengers.
Messengers of the Good news (Gospel) and the truth of the World. Now I could become a reactionist and start handing our leaflets in a darkened street to people. Or I could begin to imply the change in my life so that others might see it. Proclaim it and live it. Then perhaps when time allows walk the streets and pass out leaflets. Okay that was a twister. How many times do we say. When god is done and ready with me I will do what I am called to do. Or for perhaps the unsaved.

"When my life is cleaner I am better. Not sinning urr..that what you call it right? Then I'll come to the Lord and um..well whatchamacallit. Umm give my life to Jesus".

The same argument rings true of people who are saved [who by the way are also sinners]. You will never be complete. You will never fully deal with your struggles and each day you wait to achieve your spiritual ladder is another day the Lord is without a messenger/soldier. Many Christian establishments and groups as well as organizations are built this way. But it is not biblical.

Imagine if you will a war. The war is on your family. Your friends, Your loved ones. Everyone. They "the enemy"" are now hovering overboard and now "the enemy" has embarked on a release of troops armed and ordered to kill your family and friends. Are you going to sit complacent with gun holstered? Saying "well I have not had proper training". "The gun is old and needs to be cleaned." "I do not have the right equipment." "no one has asked that I come to their rescue?" Absolutely not.

In the practical sense if someone was waging war against your family. You would be ready even if you were not ready. You would be ready to fight. Even if you had never fought. You might even be ready to kill if you had never killed. Case in point: You would fight for your life and theirs. - Make that a revelation if you can.

Understood that each person has their own battle and sometimes that battle can get in the way of their ministry. However are we so dull as not to know that God knows before he called us? I use the word dull because in scripture the word says are you so dull. Is my arm not long enough? In other words if God called you. Does he not know that you are in your present situation. Can he not use that situation as a testimony and thereby testify for all of those who love Christ Jesus the good does work in him for that which was to be evil.

Truly we must leave this state of worldly comfort. As before I stated I deal with this daily. I think most Christians do. Most people in general deal with complacency in one way or another but the amazing part of it. Is that all it takes is to realize: it takes only one person. You.

..and remember

  • Abraham was too old

  • Issac was a Daydreamer

  • Jacob was a Liar

  • Leah was Homely

  • Joseph was abused

  • Moses had a stuttering problem

  • Gideon was afraid (coward)

  • Samson had long hair

  • Rahab was a prostitute

  • Jeremiah and Timothy were too young.

  • David had and affair and was a murderer

  • Elijah was suicidal

  • Jonah ran from God

  • Naomi was a widow

  • Job went bankrupt

  • Peter denied christ

  • the disciples fell asleep while praying

  • Martha worried about everything

  • The Samaritan woman was divorced, more than once

  • Zacches was too small

  • Paul was too religious

  • Timothy had an ulcer

  • Lazarus was dead

  • Now Move. Read, Pray, Proclaim
    And don't stop. "While" making every bibical,
    practical and spritual decison to align with it.

    Mat 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

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