The Purpose of This Site

Once this site was just for me. It was a personal blog, journal or diary of my journey with the Lord. However one day reading it I found that this could also be a real testimony to the world. Evangelism is my heart. Jesus is my life. This is my real account of my Christian walk and revelation that I share with you. In all things take them to scripture. I do not claim to be an expert though I study, research and seek the truth daily. My purpose it to stir your heart towards the Heavenly Father so you can pursue your own Journey with the lord through his word and in spirit.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Precipice of a Miracle

The last few weeks have been beyond what you would call an adventure. I have ceased my writing for the short time of my last entry because it is obvious there are some great changes happening. These changes I would rather be a part of then just sit and write about. I have dove into them in a desire to find the ultimate in relationship and purpose in Christ. The search is continual but I am pleased that I have found more than a novelty relationship but and ongoing progressive one that does not end but continues to grow as I do, I have realized that in living on the precipice of a miracle that there is nothing that can not happen. There is no guarantee of success but more importantly there is no certainty of failure. This is a soul reason to press on upward and forward.

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