The Purpose of This Site

Once this site was just for me. It was a personal blog, journal or diary of my journey with the Lord. However one day reading it I found that this could also be a real testimony to the world. Evangelism is my heart. Jesus is my life. This is my real account of my Christian walk and revelation that I share with you. In all things take them to scripture. I do not claim to be an expert though I study, research and seek the truth daily. My purpose it to stir your heart towards the Heavenly Father so you can pursue your own Journey with the lord through his word and in spirit.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Fruitful Revelation

This last week while reading I read across probably for the 100th time or more over the the fruits of the spirit in Galatians. As I read this. Something jumped up at me.
as if the Words flew off the pages into my eyes and deep into my soul to be laid rest there where thereby I would be fueled with a new revelation that would change me forever.

Galatians 5:22-26

22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. 24Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires. 25Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. 26Let us not become conceited, provoking and envying each other.

I read over and over again and this is what jumped at me.

Against such things there is no law.


Against such things there is no law. (it echoed in my soul)

Laws in the old testament that were placed in scripture are being reffered to as the laws created by the Jews to prohibit excessive use and or to eliminate all together the act or actions of certain detestable and or unrighteous or unhealthful acts.

So some might ask what does this mean. It means simply this. By god the words in Galatians is stating that there is no law against being.

Too Loving
Too Joyful
Too Peaceful
Too Patient
Too Kind
Too Good
Too Faithful
Too Gentle or
Too Self Controlled.

What does this mean?
The word of God is notorious for bringing freedom. And this revelation has been complete and utter freedom. Do not be afraid of excessiveness of any of these things. There has been no law by god to prohibit such things. There has been no law in heaven placed by heaven nor on earth by God to stop, prohibit or minimize such things.

What Does this mean to you?

It means that you can indulge in the Joy of the Lord.
You can indulge in the kindness that God has given you. You can indulge in being faithful to God and his word. indulge children of God and even those who are seeking in the things that are good. indulge in that which is of God and his word.

Will this revelation bring you salvation?

This revelation will not bring you salvation but those who have been saved by Grace through the Blood of Jesus will be given this instant revelation and freedom. I am sure this is not the first of this revelation but for me it is. I am overjoyed to share it in my Blog so that I might come and read it in times when I need the word to ring louder than the mouths of men. When those around me state. You are being too kind? You are being too nice, too peaceful and then I will kindly direct them to this Word as God has me and release them from the boundaries of stronghold of being too of any of these things. For the fruits of the spirit are boundless. They are the essence of Freedom that God has given his children and because of this we can be rest assured that God does care about our peace, love, joy and well being on this earth. We are examples of his word. We are examples of the walk, examples of his words and of his freedom that ultimately and spiritually will release us from the frame of mind that the world is stuck inside of. Share this and be it understood that God is indeed Good. In all things that are fruitful let it bear more fruit and in that has been bared let the seed be of good condition that it might continue to grow throughout of families and throughout the entire body of Christ and then ultimately overflowing in the bound walls with prison gates, a moat and a guard of this world. Showing the world indeed that nothing shall overcome the power of Christ.


  1. We can have heaven here by abiding in the love of Jesus and we can also have hell by making bad choices. The law in the old testament(Ten commandments) was of religious sacrifice, but Jesus later changed the code to love, put it into two commandments. Please pray with me that everyone would receive God's gift of salvation to speed up the soon-return of his son to reign on earth, so he can liberate the world from wickedness and people serve fruitfully.

  2. Noted. I Will pray but I can say from a christian perspective that simply abiding in Gods loves does not bring heaven on earth. Many times trails, many times struggle and even confrontation standing up for what you believe. In fact we can consider it pure joy the trails and tribulations that shape our character, lives etc.

    I believe that the "Old Testament" is as relevant as the "New Testament" and each are to be read together as one book. Because of the the full revelation found.
    The Old Testament was concealed what was later revealed in the New Testament. Paul Also states that though we live in the Spirit. Does that negate us from the law. He response is of course not. But that we would know what sin was through the 10 Commandments. The Ten Commandments act as a Mirror of who we are. We cannot claim to be righteous on our own by simply following the law. Paul states that to break one will break them all. Who has kept even one commandment. Salavation comes through the atoneing sacrafice that was ultimate, unreligious and final. Our Lord says "It is FInished" because he sealed the convenat forever at that point. The Lord Split the Temple apart and tore the curtain. Symbolizing that no longer would man be veiled of a relationship with the Almighty Lord. No longer did man need the temple. It was a strong realization of what the Lord thought of the Religious Mindset set apart from Grace, Mercy, Love and the Ill recieved message of his son Jesus Christ. It was a powerful sysmbol of Love and of Lordship that shall never be forgotten.