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Once this site was just for me. It was a personal blog, journal or diary of my journey with the Lord. However one day reading it I found that this could also be a real testimony to the world. Evangelism is my heart. Jesus is my life. This is my real account of my Christian walk and revelation that I share with you. In all things take them to scripture. I do not claim to be an expert though I study, research and seek the truth daily. My purpose it to stir your heart towards the Heavenly Father so you can pursue your own Journey with the lord through his word and in spirit.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Art Thou With Me?

Its amazing the way to world looks at Christians. The world will not look at Christ for who he is. There has to be some level of faith in what we believe in order for others to see that the God that we serve is awesome and true. Truer than anything. In a desire to not over embellish I will have to state I have a bias however that bias does not destroy me. It gives me strength because it make me realize just how weak I am. It's a bias that I feel keeps me from certain tragedy. The bias that my God is with me.

Art Thou with Me? Christians today are more wandering about their relationship to Christ when more people understand their relationship to the world as carte blanche. If only people of God were the same. Could we not also have the same blind conviction. It has been argued that Christians do not think. They let others think for them. I will have to say from what I have observed (and this is only from the observer.) I have observed the opposite.

Those who are called by God are more wandering on their relationship, more disjointed with their thought and hearts than ever. It is sad to say that our emotions take the forefront to our convictions and in many of ways. We are much like the world but we have a social group that we meet with every sunday or Wednesday (or whatever day we meet). Don't loose me. If it is not our convictions that keep us and make us men and women of God then we have only the action of what we do to identify us. We have but actions that we do with our hands, music that we listen to and tsirts, license plates and bumper stickers to leave our marks on the world. . The only Shadow or echo left behind would be "What is a Christian?"

I do not hold myself above this perquandrium of sorts. I fall into it also. Most of the time if I might be so honest. If we are all honest we will find that the length between our faith and our reality of walking that out. What and where we think we are is usually based on what we think we have done in Gods eyes but not how God actually see's us.

We drive forward for a better relationship by using the worlds methods of have and have nots We begin to like the world loose our fire to serve God. Some people stop this journey (we say they fall away) or that they were casualties of a spiritual war that we see before us. This was not the case. They simply saw through their eyes. we are all a sight for sore eyes and if you think not. Well God help you. No pun intended.

In speaking from my revelation I can say this. I biggest enemy is what we think we are in God. Oftentimes I believe we are far more to God than we imagine. Why else would have have written us such a beautiful love letter "The Bible" and rescue us from sin and destruction.

The steps "we" think we have taken as a christian. When "we" or I can measure our walk in steps we can then see how many steps we need to take. Unfortunately it is a Eternal Step program. One that will have no end, till the end. What good is it for us to hold onto these insecurities of the Kingdom. There are no insecurities if we look closer. This is because we own nothing to be insecure about. This is the revelation. What are we afraid of When all that is to be feared is left on the shoulders of our lord and Savior and the Fear of the Lord is the Beginning. Not the completion. Merely "the beginning" of wisdom. The completion I believe is the refining fire of 1st Peter.

What wisdom is there without the fear or might I say the complete and utter realization of the Lordship of Jesus Christ over our lives. Are we a mere group. Are we men and women, Children sitting at the feet of Christ asking for approval when he has already said that we are approved.

We are saved through grace and through his eyes we are seen as righteous. This is the amazing truth of the Gospel that we are dirty yet cleansed in Christ Jesus. We try self improvment for self improvments sake and we are left with very well set, well behaved, people pleasing, faith doubting people that look for realization of our Lord and savior in movies, and novelty songs. When he indeed has written his name on our hearts. Every one his name has been written on their hearts. His name is written on our hearts. I am sorry I had to say that three times. It comes with an influence of scripture and with the influence of being too passionate at times.

What is the point of all this. Art thou with me? is worded puposely in the King James. It is a my take on what was and what is. Our thought of such foolishness as traditional. It is right to question yourself so much in God that we never come into a clear relationship with God. All in the name of tradition and what you are comfortable with. What about what the Lord is comfortable with. Is he comfortable with us sittiing on our hands while we try and get it right in our own eyes. The word of God warns us of our connection to tradition. Tradition can become habit. We need to move out of the habit of not being enough and seeing Christ Jesus as enough.

The fact that we choose to stand on this God that we serve might show that We care about the commission that he has given will we be so set and wondering what and when we are called and if we made this mistake or that..Will we be left at 100 or 90 years old on our death bed wondering what it is. What our calling is and if we are indeed in right standing with God (righetous)

The world does not want clueless, frameless and frightened christians. We can be this. I have been this. I have at various times of my life and walk. It is the reality of humanity but the disdainment of humanism that we must really embrace. Humanism as the cult it has become in pop culture modern society. God is a loving God. God is not one to set us into a life where we are constantly wondering but that we are constantly in wonder. The world makes us wonder out purpose because we have not truly chosen to release our all to our Father.

This is an immediate plea to those who are seeking to find and even when you have not found. It is a plea even to myself that I would still take others on the Great and Awesome journey of Faith even when things get tough. It is in our Journey that though you are constantly looking in vain it is only compelte with Christ Jesus. We can not complete this Journey with music, bumber stickers and tshirts as our etching point. He (Jesus) is the completion of the world and the completion of our Faith but not the Journey. The Journey is all different for all of us. We must seperate the two otherwise we blame God for what we go through instead of thanking him for it.

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